Application development for business and startups
Application development for business and startups
Our Services
We create websites and web-services for any business: sales, communications, management, servers and APIs, tools for managing and collecting statistics.
Web development
Implementation of CRM streamlines sales and increases conversion rates. Implementation of ERP optimizes internal business processes, reduces downtime, and improves cooperation between departments.
CRM and ERP implementation
We create mobile applications for iOS and Android that help you make money. Unique design, clear functionality, and user-friendly interfaces. A quality mobile app strengthens customer and employee loyalty.
App development
Find out the cost of creating an application by answering a few simple questions! Before ordering the service, select the desired functionality and set of options in the calculator. By changing these settings, you’ll understand what the final price of the application depends on.
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Your benefits
Your application is only yours. The owner of the exclusive rights to the application is the customer.
Full range of services. We help you go all the way from product idea to publication.
We develop all kinds of applications: native, cross-platform, pwa, mobile web-applications.
Support and development. We provide stable work and new features for application.
Stages of development
It is good when you have a clear understanding of the task, but if not, we can help you form it, share knowledge, talk about trends, give sensible advice, help you create a document with the terms of reference. We sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement).
We study your business processes, your competitors, benchmarking solutions.

We analyze the target audience and its needs.
Design and engineering
We develop a user-friendly and understandable design. We work out the best user experience: prepare user-friendly navigation, use native components, carefully select colors and fonts. We conduct usability testing of the design.
We develop using SCRUM (we divide the entire project into smaller parts, sprints), which provides visibility and process control.

Native development is done in Java and Kotlin for Android, Objective-C and Swift for iOS. We use Flutter and React Native for cross-platform development.
Each sprint ends with automatic and manual testing to eliminate bugs and errors. At the end of the project, extensive final testing is performed.

Testing usually takes a substantial part of the entire development process. As a result, you get a finished product that works well.
We prepare the product for publication in the stores.

We make screenshots and attractive pictures, create descriptions, icons, banners, videos, select keywords for AppStore/Google Play. If required, we create accounts in these systems for your company and help with publishing apps.
Support and development
We provide stable operation of the application, adaptation for new versions of the OS and fine-tuning of new functionality. Together with you we develop the project, adding relevant functions and features. It is possible to conclude an SLA to ensure the reliability and uptime of your solutions (protection from failures, technical support).
Our Portfolio
An app with a convenient catalog of 10,000 health and beauty products. The application helps to find the nearest pharmacy by geolocation, find out the availability and order pharmacy products online. Online payment is available. Available for all items except prescription and alcohol-containing products. The user receives notifications on the status of the order, promotional prices and discounts on the essentials.
Pharmacy warehouse
Mobile game with geolocation for those who love outdoor activities and travel. The mechanics of the game is that the player would visit as many countries, for which he will receive rewards in the form of in-game values. In the future, they can be exchanged for a discount or other bonus in hotels, restaurants or other partner organizations. The more places the player will visit, the higher will be his reward and rating in the leaderboard.
Tour GO
Live wallpaper application for the Home and Lock screen of your smartphone. Supports wallpaper with a parallax effect that creates depth and motion in the image. The app interacts with the gyroscope to create a changing perspective effect when your phone moves. Also supports animated video wallpapers and standard HD pictures. There is a randomizer that allows you to change the wallpaper randomly.
Gyroscopic wallpaper
A game for mobile devices with 3D graphics (isometrics). The player controls a spaceship and maneuvers between platforms. At the beginning the control seems simple, but after a few seconds it becomes very difficult to cope with the maneuvers. Any collisions cause the game to end, progress is not saved. The goal of the game is to fly as far as possible.
Space Tricks
NAVHUD PRO is a mobile application that turns your smartphone into a projector on the car windshield. It displays speed, tachometer, and odometer. In addition to navigation application displays information about the nearest cafes, gas stations, ATMs, stores, service stations, attractions. It has a function of voice control and voice alerts.
Navhud PRO
A mobile application for automatic trading at the EXMO exchange. Interacts with the exchange directly through the software interface (API). Designed for personal use to stretch your fingers in the field of exchange software development. It is used to make transactions with predefined parameters, which are entered manually.
This does not bind you to anything. We’ll give you a free consultation and create a project roadmap
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This does not bind you to anything. We’ll give you a free consultation and create a project roadmap
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Mobile app for iOS
Mobile app for Android
Application site
Platform for customer interaction
Alternative solutions
A simple small application (e.g., a currency exchange rate book or news reader)
A medium-sized app (most apps, such as the cab app)
Medium and large applications (mostly specific applications, such as medical or banking applications)
The level of design is rudimentary, the emphasis on functionality and/or hypothesis testing
Most applications, include a custom button style, color scheme, unique icons in the application
Includes unusual controls and high-quality graphics, possibly 3D
Sign up and log in by e-mail
Sign up and log in by phone number
Sign up and log in using your existing social network accounts
Uploading audio, photo and video content to the app
Unique user profile in the application, available after logging in
The ability for users to rate something in the app, such as other users' content
Ability to modify uploaded content in any way (photo filters, audio and video cropping)
Ability to use tags in the app
Ability to create a news feed for the user, which will show recent status changes, or new content from other users, etc.
Ability to search within the application (text, content, users)
If you plan to create and display lists of anything in the application, with the ability to divide it into categories
The presence of the calendar in the application in some form, the ability to navigate in it to select a specific date or time
Ability to select a specific time slot, or a specific entity to book (hotel room, rental item)
Ability to work with addresses / coordinates and maps
Ability to place special labels or areas on the map
Correspondence/chat between users
Ability to communicate on the forum for users, or the ability to leave comments on anything
The ability to publish a link to social networks, directly from the application at the touch of a button
Ability to deliver special messages to users (for example, you have a promotion and you inform all users or a special group of users)
Buying a subscription, subscription options
Ability to pay by bank card through the app
Ability to generate a list of selected goods or services before payment
Placing goods or services in the catalog by users, with the possibility of purchase by other users
History of previous purchases made through the app
Ability to buy virtual items through the app (buying items in games)
Ability to manage users: adding, removing, blocking, etc.
A tool that allows you to manage a mobile application through a WEB-browser
Ability to manage the content of the application, the ability to edit, delete, add content
The ability of the user to interact with the application administrator
Collecting information about the user's experience with the application (time of use, for example)
Collection of statistics on the number and causes of possible breakdowns and failures of the app
If you plan to use your app in different countries and need support for more than one language
If you want to connect your app to a third-party service and somehow exchange information with it. For example, integration with a weather service to display the current weather inside your app
If you plan to have someone connect to your solution in the future to share data, or if you yourself plan to do so
If you need to send text messages somewhere while the application is running
Such protection greatly reduces the chances of taking your finished application apart and stealing the source code
If users trust you to store personal data in the app
If the value of the stored data in the application is high. For example, financial and medical app
If the application involves measuring something (distance, speed, coordinates, angle, light, etc.), as well as creating media content (audio, photo, video)
If it is preferable to store your data in secure storage that can be accessed from any device. (e.g. notes or scheduler, it is important to have access to them always and everywhere)
To scan barcodes or QR codes and "turn" them into links to go to, or get information directly
Integration with the phone's built-in health tracking systems
If the application involves working with any external wearable devices (smart watches, health bracelets, etc.)